2020, a year of temporal paradoxes?

January 3, 2020

Happy new year! Is training your brain some part of this year good resolutions? Then give a try to this new A Time Paradox update on Android!

A Time Paradox on Play Store

English version

A Time Paradox is now available in most country world wide on the Android Play Store. You can enjoy the game as long as you can speak english or french!

Rotating menu of A Time Paradox

Play with a friend!

A new cooperation campaign is available as preview. 10 levels are already there to play with a friend (use landscape mode), more will come!

Story mode rebalancing

Previously stuck? Give it another try! There is even challenge keys to collect now.


Those keys will allow you to unlock new challenges levels. If you already completed the game, here is more content to play with!

A bunch of keys will be distributed weekly when you start the game! (required an internet connection)

Level editor

The level editor will allow you to create your own levels and play with the game engine itself. Come post your levels on the Discord!

Level editor showcase

Account creation and online backup

After you bought the game, you can create a passwordless “A Game Studio” account from the game. This will sync your progress and acquired challenge keys when connected to the internet. The game will remain 100% playable offline.

Sound toggle

I bet a lot of you like to play with your favorite musics!

Have fun!

I can’t wait to get feedbacks on all this new stuff, Have Fun with the game!



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Written by Samuel Bouchet who lives and works in Nantes.